Srila Giri Maharaja – “A word to the wise… “

Inauguration of Sri Chaitanya Chandrodaya Mandira. L-R, Govinda Maharaja, (Seated on Vyasasana) Srila Sridhara Maharaja, Srila Prabhupada Swami Maharaja

Date: 5/14/18

Dear Sriman Nila Madhava dasa,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

“A word to the wise is sufficient.” “A picture is worth a thousand words.” See above photo.

What can I say about those who will not believe what their eyes and ears tell them, who deny the conclusions of their own scriptures and their own guru [Read More...]

Srila Giri Maharaja – “Secrecy… a shroud behind which one may hide while exploiting others.”


Dear Sriman Uddhava dasa,

My dandavat pranamas to you.

You have identified yourself as “Uddhava das.” One of Srila Saraswati Thakura’s first questions to one who had come before him to make some point was this: “Who is your guru?” That is my question to you.

In your most current email to me you mentioned “another senior SCSMath sanyassi” as one who represents your reply to my email to you dated 4/23/18 (which I posted on our website) but you have not referred [Read More...]

Srila Giri Maharaja – “Confidential. Do not disclose to…”

idam te natapaskaya: Do not disclose this to those averse to self-sacrifice.

Date: 4/23/18

Dear Sriman Uddhava dasa,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

I think if iskcon reads Sridhar Maharaj books without troubles then it will be a great thing

ISKCON is not the issue. Guru is the issue. ISKCON is a religious society it is not a guru. The GBC is the managerial head of ISKCON, it is not a guru. For success in spiritual life we must follow the advice and direction of [Read More...]

Srila Giri Maharaja – “Outside the sampradaya.”

Date: 3/28/18, the day of Srila Govinda Maharaja’s avirbhava observance.

From a Facebook comment—
Kundalata Dasi: I accept my Srila Guru Maharaja appointed Srila Govinda Maharaja as successor acharya, and I accept Srila Guru Maharaja appointed a number of trustees, the only remaining ones now being Sripad Bhakti Nandan Swami and Sripad Bhakti Chaitanya Giri. These two ‘acceptances’ – actually facts – are not mutually exclusive.

My response—
“These [Read More...]

Srila Giri Maharaja – “I . . . suggest you avoid me.”

March 20, 2018

My dandavats Prabhu Jagadananda dasa.

I just noticed the message you posted to me on Jan 7, this year in my facebook messages. It is now more than two months after you sent it. That should give you some indication of how seriously I take what I think of as gossipbook or rumorbook, but what is known to others as facebook.

You must not have known these aspects of my thinking, although I have tried to publicize them. Thus, you sent this current message to me via facebook instead [Read More...]

Srila Giri Maharaja – The acharya’s “appointments.”

Date: 3/20/18

I rarely visit my facebook site. As a result it was not until today that I noticed a comment from Srimati Kundalata Devi made there in regards to my following facebook post:

December 28, 2017
A New Article (“Vyaso vetti na vetti va”) Has Been Published on…

Below is her comment and my response.

Kundalata Dasi I would like to point out that Sripad Bhakti Nandan Swami Maharaja and Sripad Bhakti Chaitanya [Read More...]

Srila Giri Maharaja – “So, is he stagnant there, finally fixed?”

Date: 2/11/18

Dear Sriman Uddharan dasa,

Please accept my humble dandavat pranamas.

Your kind words are deeply appreciated.

I never know how my words will be accepted when I write or speak them. Will they be taken as so much tripe, or will they carry some weight? Thus, I am always apprehensive when I give the words “Please post.”

I am constantly reminded of Srila Guru Maharaja’s words “At any moment I may become a madman.” If our Divine Master withdraws his grace then immediately we [Read More...]

Srila Giri Maharaja – “A type of seed”

Date: 2/21/18

Dear Srimati Lilavati Devi dasi,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

I’m both surprised and very unfit to receive your donation and will have to consult with Uddharan prabhu on how to use this sum of money, especially as our preaching front is non existent! — Srimati Lilavati Devi, email dated 2/20/18

These are also my feelings and thoughts whenever I receive a donation for the service of our Divine Masters. But it is not fully correct to think in this way. If, during Srila [Read More...]

Srila Giri Maharaja – “History Recycled/Pride and Prejudice”


My dear friends,

Please accept my humble dandavat pranamas.

When my grandparents were young and listened to the radio they turned it on, waited for the tubes to warm up and then heard what was being broadcast.

When I was young and got my first transistor radio, I turned it on and immediately heard the broadcast.

When our children listen to a broadcast, they “A”, turn on some device, then “B”, wait for a connection to be established to a network. After that they “C”, wait [Read More...]

Srila Giri Maharaja – A “truly horrific mistake.”

(A brief curriculum vitae of Mr. Deace may be found here: “Gorillas Also Have Souls”)

Date: 1/28/18

Dear Mr. Deace,

At the very beginning of your Podcast Ep217 which you call “Theology Thursday” you corrected an error you made related to a mundane event (“the senate map”) in your remarks of the previous day (1/24/18). Addressing this you thanked Chris Gandolfo: “So, thank you for bringing that to my attention Chris… and that correction is duly noted. Cause that’s [Read More...]