Media: Vaisnava Transmission

The Magazine of Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math
Established 1994
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Transmission Number Eight March/April 1997
In This Issue:

  • Transcendental Reflections
  • El Transmission Electronica
  • The Great Souls Also Struggle
  • Divine Conjunctions
  • The Highest Pilgrimage

Scanned from paper, not very sharp.

Transmission Number Seven September/October 1995
In This Issue:

  • Special Contact
  • Golden Reflections
  • In His Own Words
  • Higher Advice

Transmission Number Six April/May 1995
In This Issue:

  • The Secret Ingredient
  • The Divine Mood of Mercy
  • The Nature of Faith
  • Report From New York


Transmission Number Five October 1994/January 1995
In This Issue:

  • Day of Days
  • Spiritual Assistance for Our Friends
  • Baby Cobra
  • On The Road With Sripad Giri Maharaja
  • Center of the Holy Name

Scanned from paper, not very sharp.

Transmission Number Four August/September 1994
In This Issue:

    • The Absurd Dialectic
    • The Descent of the Holy Name
  • The Living Life
  • Second Coming


Transmission Number Three June/July 1994
In This Issue:

  • First Tour Meditations
  • Who Is The Acharya?
  • Emotion Or Devotion?
  • Real Sadhu Sangha



Transmission Number Two April/May 1994
In This Issue:

  • L’Envoi
  • By Their Mercy
  • International Letters
  • Return of Srila Gurudeva



Transmission Number One February/March 1994
In This Issue:

  • Inaugural Reflections
  • The Guardian of Devotion
  • Are We Elitists?
  • Divine Instructions
  • Service Life Outside the Temple


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Transmisión Español Número Uno Marzo 1996
(Spanish Transmission 1)


  • Reflexiones de Apertura
  • Una Carta De Srila Prabhupada
  • ¿Somos Elitistas?
  • Instrucciones Divinas
  • Vida de Servicio fuera del Templo


Transmisión Español Número Dos Abril 1996
(Spanish Transmission 2)


  • Correspondencia
  • Por su Misericordia
  • Una carta a Gandhi
  • L’Envoi
  • Pureza Natural Ultima Castidad