Prabhupada on COVID Vaccines, Doctors & More.


Revatīnandana: Should we try to avoid getting injections as much as possible?

Prabhupāda: That is my opinion.


”Germs are everywhere.” — Srila B.S. Govinda Maharaja

Sometime in 2009 (probably around the time of Gaura Purnima) Srila Govinda Maharaja summoned me to cut his hair.

I was very enthusiastic for the opportunity to serve His Divine Grace in such a personal way. However, I had been suffering for some time with influenza or something that produced similar symptoms. Even though I thought it might ruin my chance to render service to Srila Govinda Maharaja I thought it best to inform him of my hesitation since my being in such close proximity might cause my infection to spread to him. Raising his hand he waived it in a manner of dismissiveness and said ”Germs are everywhere.”

As the panic over the COVID pandemic intensified, pressures arose from many quarters to enforce measures ‘believed’ to limit the spread of the SARS II virus. The first imposition was the wearing of face masks or other cloth coverings.

Two entirely contradictory actions were also imposed: 1) maintain minimum distance of six feet from everyone and 2) remain indoors.

Remembering Srila Govinda Maharaja’s declaration ”Germs are everywhere.” I gave no heed to the above admonishments regarding masks, distancing and indoor confinement issued by governments, businesses and individuals. By the time it became public knowledge the SARS II virus had entered the USA I assumed it was already ”everywhere” or soon would be. For the most part, by the time the government issues an alert and advises a particular action to counteract the danger, it is already too late and the action it advises to be taken is probably the opposite of what should be done. Governments think first of themselves then their citizens. Holding power and maintaining its hold on it is job one. The citizens, mostly sudras, are very inclined to accept such dominance believing the comforting fairy tale that the government, like a kindly father, exists to look after them. Brahmanas and Vaishnavas, knowing Krishna to be their only protector think differently, but there are very few of them.

No Mask for Me

I refused to wear a mask even when taken to task for not doing so. ”May I see your badge?” was my retort to one women who took it upon herself to ask me ”Where’s your mask?” She could not understand the import of my question to her and asked what I meant by it. I told her ”If you’re with the mask police I’d like to see your badge.” She then abruptly turned and walked away. This happened in a grocery store that soon thereafter made an announcement over its PA system to the effect that everyone should be wearing a mask to prevent the spread of COVID. I happened to mention this incident to my Godbrother Sripada Jayadvaita Swami who thought I should not have acted so impudently as the woman was probably just trying to protect herself, her family, etc. from the dreaded disease. Fair enough. But are we obliged to indulge the fantasies and illusions of others only for the sake of peace? For the sake of peace wouldn’t it be better to not attempt the propagation of Gaudiya Vaishnavism in an environment whose predominant interests are ”eating, sleeping, mating and defending”? Our mission is ”Totalitarian war against maya and even all other religious conceptions.” How would one prosecute this ”Totalitarian war” while maintaining the peace? Such a proposition is, at best, amusing, at worst nonsensical. Mahaprabhu’s sankirtana caused such a disruption the Chand Kazi tried to stop it. Only Mahaprabu’s direct influence turned the situation around.

To believe there can be peace in this world is giving in to the sway of illusion as much as believing a layer or two of cloth over our mouth and nose will stop the transmission of virus particles so small that, by comparison, it would serve no better purpose than having the hatch of a submarine made of window screen. This is not my opinion, it is ”scientific fact” (Yes, I researched the point.)

No Vaccine Either—

After a year or so of pandemic hysteria President Donald Trump took credit for causing the creation of a vaccine that was supposed to stop death from, and prevent the spread of, SARS II. He offered a billion dollar reward and immunity from any responsibility for adverse outcomes to a company that could concoct a vaccine against the SARS II virus. He tells us his effort prevented the death of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. Do you believe it? I don’t. The vaccines didn’t stop the spread and most people hospitalized with COVID had received the vaccine, even boosters.

The vaccinated insisted the non-vaccinated behave as good little plebs and get vaccinated. It was one thing —they said — to risk their own lives but extraordinarily irresponsible to risk the lives of others to whom they might transmit the disease. But anyone who wanted it could get the vaccine, at which time they were supposed to be guaranteed safety from disease, death and transmission to others. Thus, the unvaccinated proved no risk to the vaccinated. The same was true for masks. The un-masked posed no risk to the masked, if the masks actually did what we were told they would do.

Considering all the foregoing, and such philosophically persuasive ideas as:

Mare krsna rakhe ke rakhe krsna mare ke. If Krsna protects, who can kill? And, if krsna kill, who can protect? So, if we are sincere servants, then Krsna will give us protection. Who can kill us? This Bombay land, such a huge attempt was made to kill us. Now we are the owner of this huge property. We were going to be driven out, now we are the richest men. In Bombay nobody has got such property.

— Srila Prabhupada, Letter to: Ādi-kesava, Dated: Dec. 26, 1976

Revatīnandana: Should we try to avoid getting injections as much as possible?

Prabhupāda: That is my opinion.

I refused the vaccine. Did I get COVID? Yes, plus two of the variants that followed. No big surprise there. I’ve contracted similar illnesses many times in my life, sometime feeling close to death as a result. COVID-19 turned out to be one of the milder illnesses of that type and the two variant forms that followed proved far milder than that. Interestingly, having survived these bouts with COVID I am likely more resistant to further infection than those who took the vaccine. You’ve heard of herd immunity, right?

As you’ll read in the following conversation the medical profession needs subjects on which to experiment. If the subject dies, it’s a victory for medical science as they learn what doesn’t work and makes way for further ”progress.”

”As soon as you ask them whether by injection the life is guaranteed, they will say, “No. There is no guarantee. Let us try, make experiment.” [laughter]” — ibid

The tendency for exploitation is one of the serious defects of those subject to the influence of the material energy. COVID-19 provided a great opportunity to exploit a vast array of human subjects for experimentation that was formerly confined to less ”evolved” lab rats. If you were one of them I hope it turned out well for you.

Swami B.K. Giri

Room Conversation

Date: Feb. 14, 1971

Location: Gorakphur

Audio file: audio/transcripts/1971/710214R1-GORAKPHUR.mp3

Prabhupāda: …my Guru Mahārāja was in his last days, these rascal doctors injected… Our, this Kuñjabihārī, Tīrtha Mahārāja brought so many big, big doctors. And he protested, “Why are you giving me injection?” He protested. He personally said, “Why are you giving me injection?” And if you bring a doctor, the rascals will not stop: “Oh, that is our treatment. We must try our best.” They will plead like that. “To give more trouble to the patient, that is our business.”

Inventing new medicines means inventing new means of giving trouble. That’s all. As soon as you ask them whether by injection the life is guaranteed, they will say, “No. There is no guarantee. Let us try, make experiment.” [laughter]

[indistinct comment by devotee]

Yes. In hospital, as soon as you get [indistinct—microphone moving]… Whatever nonsense knowledge they have got, they make experiment, at the risk of other’s life.

Hasadūta: When Himāvatī broke her leg they wanted to operate. I said, “Oh, no chance. No operation.” Then they immediately said, “Then maybe she’ll never walk again.”

Prabhupāda: Just see.

Hasadūta: So I said, “Well, how can we tell?” They said, “Well, there’s no way to tell.”

Prabhupāda: Huh? [laughter]

Hasadūta: I said, “Suppose we operate. Then it’s guaranteed that everything will be all right?” They said, “No.” But they thought they should do that, you know.

Prabhupāda: Yes. They canvass, they convince like that and make experiment. That is their business. They have no, I mean to say, assured idea. Simply experiment. All these hospitals, they are meant for making experiment. I think I have told you one story of my servant. Did I?

Hasadūta: No. I don’t think so.

Prabhupāda: Heh?

Hasadūta: No. Tell us the story.

Prabhupāda: Heh?

Hasadūta: Please tell us the story. [laughter]

Prabhupāda: [laughs] The servant was crying, “Oh! I am dying, I am dying, I am dying.” So I immediately called ambulance and took her [him] to the hospital. Then, when I went there, there were so many neophyte doctors. They experimented, and they said, “Immediate operation is required.”

“Why?” They gave us some technical terms. Then their leader doctor came. He said, “All right. Let us see this night. Then, next morning we shall operate.” So I asked him, “I can go? He may remain in your charge?” “Yes.” So I went, came back.

And when I was absent, another servant was with neighbor, he told to my wife that “Babuji”—Babuji means master—”it is unnecessarily he has taken to hospital. He was drunk, and he was crying like that. [laughter] He’s drunk.” So my wife told that he was drunk, and he was therefore crying like that. “No, no. Doctor says that it is a serious case [laughter] and it is to be operated.”

And the next morning the servant came back. “And why you come back? You were to be operated?” “Oh, thik hai. It is now all right.” Just see. The rascals were going to operate. He was drunk. In drunken state he was crying, and they took it a case of operation. That is my practical experience. Everything you take there: “Operation.”

Devotee (1): That’s a symptom of the modern civilization, Śrīla Prabhupāda.

Prabhupāda: Operation. That is… Demons are to be cheated like that. Simply operation. Simply operation. Bās.

Devotee (2): Also they’re trying to get money.

Prabhupāda: Yes. Injection and operation, that is in their hands.

Revatīnandana: Should we try to avoid getting injections as much as possible?

Prabhupāda: That is my opinion. But as soon as you go to a medical man, especially in your country, first of all you have to give blood. Immediately. [laughter] One ounce of blood immediately. First business. And then other injection. Because I underwent so many medical examination, I have got experience. For my immigration.

I think, three or four times I was under health examination, and blood-taking, and injection. Of course, it is not very painful. [chuckles] That arrangement is there. But the business is like that, “First of all give your blood; then talk of other things.” Better to die without a doctor. [laughter] That’s the best principle. Don’t call any doctor. Simply chant Hare Kṛṣṇa and die peacefully.

Revatīnandana: But what about when you’re not going to die? What about when you have some problems that’s not fatal. Then who do you call?

Prabhupāda: Then go take injection. What can be done? [laughter] There is no alternative.

Devotee (1): [indistinct] body. How long will you be feeling bad from the injection?

Prabhupāda: If it remains simply for a while, that is sufficient to kill you. There is no question of how long.

Devotee (1): It’s just that you don’t look very… You don’t look like your normal self. There’s no [indistinct].

Prabhupāda: Sometimes they do business, simply water they inject. Yes. Simply water and take fee. They know there is no necessity of medicine; still, they will inject some water, distilled water, and take the fees.

Devotee (1): There are some people, doctors…

Prabhupāda: I have seen the doctors and some, I mean to say, ordinary man, illiterate: “What kind of treatment you want? Injection or medicine?” So naturally, he will say, “The best one. I want to…” “Then you have to take injection.”

Revatīnandana: Or both. You might get both.

Prabhupāda: Yes. I have seen, they have spoken like that. Because the patient will think, “Oh, if I take injection, I’ll be very nicely…, very quickly cured.” He will canvass like that. Because if he gives a bottle of medicine, that will not be very costly. But injection in his hand, he’ll at least five rupees, that much. So he’ll canvass like that, “What kind of treatment you want, injection or ordinary medicine?” So he’ll say, “Sir, best medicine I want.” “Then you take injection.” That’s all.

It is a fact that the whole human civilization is a society of cheaters and cheated. That’s all. Any field. Mayaiva vyāvahārike [SB 12.2.3]. The whole world in this Kali-yuga: mayaiva vyāvahārike. Vyāvahārike means ordinary dealings, there will be cheating. Ordinarily, there will be cheating. Daily affairs. Not to speak of very great things. Ordinary dealings, there will be cheating. That is stated in the Bhāgavata, mayaiva vyavahari.

The sooner you get out of this scene is better. That is Kṛṣṇa consciousness. So long you live, you simply chant Hare Kṛṣṇa and preach Kṛṣṇa’s glories, and that’s all. Otherwise, you should know that this is dangerous place. Pada pada yad vipadā [SB 10.14.58]. In every step there is danger. [end]