Srila B.K. Giri “Censoring Spiritual Knowledge/Discussions”

Date: 5/24/23

My dandavats to you [Jayadvaita] Maharaja.

Thank you for sending me this quotation from our spiritual master:

So in the future please do not circulate my letters to you. All my letters to you should be considered as confidential, and if you want at all to circulate, you just ask me before doing so.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => Letter to: Brahmananda — Tittenhurst 28 September, 1969

Since you offer no explanation as to the reason you sent it to me I take it as a reminder that a spiritual master has absolute authority over his disciples.

Additionally, because you are circulating the letter to me, it means the letter has already been circulated; despite Prabhupada’s prohibition.

It must also mean you and the BBT/Vedabase are comfortable distributing letters that may be considered as confidential when you feel the need to do so; just as I do when I feel the need to do the same thing for the spiritual education of others.

And yet, you demand I not circulate certain letters I have written.

If I were your disciple I would accept your Divine Right of censorship over the circulation of my letters. Likewise for my preaching, both content and methods. In that case you could demand I not make public my letters to you and I would accept your decision.

It should not need to be said but, again, I think I must remind you: I am not your disciple.

With regard,

Swami B.K. Giri