Srila Giri Maharaja “For Ukraine, the World and Ourselves”


Dear Srimati Chintāmaṇī devi Dāsī,

Please accept my blessings in remembrance of my Divine Masters.

We received your donations and will respond shortly, as you requested, with a supply of a variety of books including Loving Search.

The current news of the massacre of civilians in Ukraine by Putin’s military is greatly disturbing.

My inability to help them also weighs heavily on my mind. It is a great tragedy that the most powerful countries in the world stand by and watch as Putin systematically slaughters the men, women and children, grandmothers and grandfathers of Ukraine’s citizenry using demonic means; weapons that should never be used against civilians.

The tragedy is not confined to the people of Ukraine. It is a tragedy for the so-called Western democratic countries which refuse to allow their warriors to intervene in order to stop the carnage, which they could do if given a free hand and a little encouragement.

The duty of a warrior to protect is not confined to the borders of any particular country. The idea it should be has been manufactured by cowardly leaders whose only real interest is to protect themselves. As such, they cower like rats in a hole to the demands of evil men, like Putin, who dictate to them the terms by which they will be allowed to protect the innocent; terms that inevitably permit evil to be carried out in the full view of the world.

These cowardly leaders, who scurry like cockroaches sensing danger approaching, bear responsibility for allowing the terrible evil we see in front of us go unchecked. What we have seen is most inauspicious and they allow this cloud of inauspiciousness to spread and envelope the world.

There is one sure method for counteracting the wickedness that spreads out before us. It is so powerful that, when applied, it can transform the asuras into suras. It is what you are doing, distributing transcendental literature that has no equal. If it can convert demons into devotees, we can only imagine the effect it will have over the general populace who, given the chance, will be awakened to explore their natural tendency to engage in “the search for Sri Krishna.”

You are doing the real welfare work, work that can bring the permanent end to the suffering we see all around us and transform lives of hopeless destitution into lives of eternal transcendental bliss.

May Krishna continue to bless you with all success in your glorious service to our Divine Guardians.

I pray this finds you well in health and spirits.


Swami B.K. Giri

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